Welcome to Artistry of Image . . . your source for discovering the MAGIC of COLOR, STYLE, and FIT to build your professional WARDROBE! You will learn about the ABCs of Image and what ART, SCIENCE, and MATH have to do with getting dressed! I am excited to share this information with you and so much more!


Image is a triad of . . . Appearance . . . Behavior . . . Communication


When I talk about YOUR image  — I am referring to who YOU are — being expressed through your outward presence. This includes more than how you look — it includes how you behave — how you act and deal with people AND how you communicate  — how you talk to people, both verbally and non-verbally. All three represent who you are from the inside out.

Image is not about pretense — it is about authenticity. Your clothing should be an extension of who YOU are — be in harmony with YOU — not be a uniform you wear to blend in or stand out. YOU want to stand out — not your clothing. You are the ART — your clothing, accessories, and surroundings create the frame — become the frame.

When you surround yourself in colors, design lines, shapes, textures, fabrics, prints and patterns that are a match to you energetically — you look and feel radiant, alive, beautiful, and powerful.


There is no one more powerful than a woman who knows who she is and lives her life authentically.
Being authentic is what image is all about.


I will give you a vocabulary to understand your physicality and how to match your attributes to the elements and principles of design so you are empowered to build your wardrobe — one that reflects your individuality and tells your story.

This process is more about you discovering WHO YOU ARE . . . rather than me telling you. You know the answers. Life sometimes covers them up a bit. Your innate, inherent, and intrinsic attributes are there — just waiting for you to remember!


Come . . . begin your journey of discovery!


Business Success With Ease - Contributing Author, Kasey Roberts SmithDiscover the rhythm of your soul — your essence — through the Magic of Color, Style, and Fit and begin building your Wardrobe — one that aligns with YOU energetically. It’s time to  . . .   Be The Living Work of Art That You Are!

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