Color is refracted light. Each color has its own wavelength and vibrates at its own distinct frequency. So do we. Each frequency connects us to an emotional response. When we see red, yellow, or green . . . we feel passion, joy, or calm.

There are four dimensions to color — Hue—Intensity—Value—Temperature.

  • Hue – Color Family Name — Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet
  • Intensity — Descriptive Quality — Bright to Muted
  • Value — Light to Dark
  • Temperature — Cool—Neutral—Warm
The Color Spectrum

The Color Spectrum

Color Analysis is about aligning your personal coloring to these dimensions of color. When you wear colors that are match to you—you look younger, thinner and healthy. Wearing colors that are wrong for you will make you look older, heavier, and sickly.

You were born in perfect harmony—from the coloring of your skin, hair, and eyes— to the energy frequencies that resonates from your soul. You were harmonious, unique, and authentic.

Problems arise when you wear colors that are not in harmony with your personal coloring. Having your color palette done is a great investment because it reveals your very best colors. These include your personal colors, neutrals, whites, red, and dramatics—including your power color— subdued colors, pastels, prints, patterns, and metals.

Having your color fan with you when you go shopping will save YOU a lot of time and money because you will pass on every color that does not harmonize with YOU.

This principle of harmony is important in all the details of your wardrobe, not just color. Everything has an energetic frequency signature — including design lines, shapes, textures, textiles, prints, patterns, metals, etc.

When you surround yourself in colors, design lines, shapes, textures, fabrics, prints and patterns that are a match to you energetically — you look and feel radiant, alive, beautiful, and powerful.


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