Your clothes need to fit you properly. They should hang straight from your shoulder line and skim the outline of your body with no pulling, puckering, gapping or bagging.

Alterations are a must when a garment does not fit correctly. Men typically know they have to tailor their clothes. Women tend to think clothes should fit right off the rack—and when they do not fit they think something is wrong with them, not the clothes. It is not you.

All brands have different sizing and fit specifications. Embrace your body. Discover what brands fit you and your design aesthetic. Even these clothes may need alterations.

Find a good tailor or seamstress and get familiar with what that person can do for you. Then, when you find an item you love, you will know if it can be altered or not.

Defining your Fit Profile is included in all packages.

A less-expensive but good-fitting garment will enhance your image more than an expensive garment that does not fit you your properly. —Kasey Roberts Smith

It’s the finer attention to details that makes the difference in looking put together or thrown together. —Kasey Roberts Smith